2 Year Working Holiday Visa Uk For South Africans

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Working Holiday Maker Visa - UK Visa Solutions

    Working Holiday Maker (WHM) WHM (Working Holiday Maker) visa for South African passport holders used to give temporary working rights anywhere in the United Kingdom. Mainly catering for gap year students, the 2 year WHM encouraged one year employment and one year travelling. Although commonly misused by South Africans, the 2 year WHM was very popular in 1995-2008.

Working holiday visas for South Africans - full guide and info

    Being real, getting a working holiday visa for South Africans isn’t just a case of filling in a few forms and booking a plane ticket. Without getting into the complex history and culture of this incredible country, a chance to live and work abroad could be an exciting dream for anyone. I’ve already covered WHVS for Brits and for Australians but lets turn our attention to a new part of the ...

Working Holiday Maker (2 year) » Move Up - UK Visa Solutions

    Introducing the 2 year Working Holiday Maker visa: This visa catered for South Africans that wanted to live and work in the UK. The terms of this visa is that South Africans needed to work incidental to travels – ie work in order to travel.

Visa Box South Africa - Visa and UK Immigration Specialists

    Another common misconception is that South Africans can still apply for the 2 year working holiday visa. The working holiday visa is NO LONGER available for South Africans and was abolished a few years ago, though is available for some other countries. This visa category is now referred to as the Tier 5 Youth Mobility Scheme.

Working Holiday Visas for South African Citizens Anywork ...

    Additional Information: This is a brief & general summary, visa requirements and the number of working holiday visas allocated in countries each year can vary and new agreements are being made regularly so we recommended you attain complete and up to date official information from the appropriate Immigration Service or that countries Embassy in your home country before making any work and ...

UK Work Visa for South Africans: Questions & Answers ...

    May 04, 2018 · We heard there is a 2 year visit visa available to SA citizens, under the age of 27, that allows them to visit for up to 2 years and travel in and out of the UK and do some temporary paid work when they are there.

UK Visa Requirements for South Africans

    South African passports must be valid for at least 6 months after your return to South Africa. Passports require 2 valid blank pages when you leave or return to South Africa. Visa pages are invalid if damaged or stained by stamps from other pages. If your passport is damaged it's best to get it replaced before applying for visa.

Visas for South Africans: What does a UK visitor’s visa cost?

    The requirement for visas for South Africans travelling to the UK was implemented in 2008 – and not much other than the cost of that visa has changed since then. Types of UK visitor’s visas ...

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