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Holidays Work Schedules and Pay - OPM.gov

    Therefore, when two 8-hour holidays fall within the same pay period, full-time employees on a 5/4-9 flexible schedule (or other flexible schedules under which employees work more than 8 hours a day) must make arrangements to work extra hours during other regularly scheduled workdays (or take annual leave or use credit hours or compensatory time ...

Flexible Work Schedules - Census.gov

    Nov 13, 2019 · Under the 5-4/9 schedule, employees on a Maxiflex schedule are entitled to a maximum of eight (8) hours of paid holiday time off for federal holidays regardless of their normal work hours, and employees on a Fixed schedule are entitled to holiday pay equivalent to the number of hours of their approved work schedule. 4/10 Schedule

Alternative work schedules U.S. Department of Commerce

    5-4/9 in which you work 8 9-hour days and 1 8-hour day in the pay period and get an extra day off. 4-10 in which you work 4 10-hour days each week of the pay period and have an extra day of each week. In every case, you will work a total of 80 hours during each biweekly pay period. The advantage is that you will have extra days off.

5/4/9 Compressed Work Schedule Learn Employee Scheduling

    This shift schedule supports the standard 5/4/9 compressed work schedule. Each full-time employee works eight 9-hr days and one 8-hr day for a total of 80 hours in a biweekly pay period. Two teams are required to provide coverage from Monday through Friday.

Breaking Down the 9/80 Work Week and What It Means for ...

    Oct 29, 2018 · The 5-4-9 work schedule is another version of a compressed work week. In fact, it’s the same as the 9/80 work week, but with a bit more structure. The 9/80 sometimes allows that one 8-hour day to be broken up into two 4-hour days. The 5-4-9 provides a structure with 8 and 9-hour days, but it essentially functions the same way as the 9/80 ...

Holiday Pay for Employees with Alternative Work Schedules ...

    Jul 09, 2014 · The two most common compressed schedules in my experience are: The “5/4/9” schedule in which employees work 8 9-hour days and 1 8-hour day in the pay period and get an extra day off every other week. The “4-10” schedule in which employees work 4 10-hour days each week of the pay period and have an extra day off each week.

9/80 Work Schedule UpCounsel 2020

    9/80 Work Schedule Defined. The 9/80 work schedule is an alternative to the traditional 40-hour workweek that consists of eight-hour days, five days per week, every week. It can be used as a recruitment tool when hiring employees. Under a 9/80 workweek schedule, employees work 80 hours during a two-week period spread over nine days, instead of ...

Post Office Holidays 2020 USPS Holidays 2020

    2020 Post Office Holidays. Below is a list of the 2020 post office holidays. Mail will not be delivered or sent on these days so plan accordingly. It is very important to pay close attention to the information below because many of the days that you might expect the USPS to …

Alternative work schedules U.S. Department of Commerce

    Note however that some forms of flexible work schedules, such as maxiflex or flexible 5/4-9 schedules, allow work to be compressed in fewer than 10 workdays in a biweekly pay period. Content of AWS Plans. A properly documented AWS plan will identify: The organizational units/components covered by the plan; The employees covered or excluded by ...

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