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Holiday celebrations, customs and traditions - Life in Italy

    As a follow-up to our previous article on the Italian holidays, let’s see how Italians like to celebrate them: you never know, some of their habits and traditions may be perfect to export to this side of the pond!. Capodanno (New Year’s Eve/ New Year’s Day, December 31 st-January 1 st). New Year’s celebrations begin on December 31 st with the standard 10-second countdown to midnight ...

Common Italian Holiday Traditions GenealogyBank

    Dec 21, 2018 · Even the most common Italian Christmas traditions will vary from region to region. From Sicily to Naples, and Sardinia to Milan, Lombardy to Verona, and Tuscany to the Vatican, Italy offers a wealth of cultural diversity. Add to this geographical mixing pot the factor of Christianity blending with older pagan traditions.

10 Interesting Facts about Italian Culture 10 ...

    Aug 08, 2017 · Facts about Italian Culture 10: Italian holidays. Christmas and Ferragosto are the important holiday in Italy which are celebrated on 15th August. Besides, Easter is also popular holiday in Italy. They gather in St. Peter’s Square in Rome to see and listen to the Pope during Easter.

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    Some of the religious Italian traditions, such as creating a nativity scene outside a church, have become worldwide traditions. Pope Benedict after the Christmas Mass, 2012. The regular religious practices include weekly church services, observance of religious holidays, and obeying the religious doctrine, as instructed by the Pope.

Top Italian National Holidays: Christmas, Carnevale ...

    Many extend the holiday to Labor Day on May 1, taking a vacation to enjoy the start of spring weather. May 1: The first of May marks Labor Day, and one of the few holidays in Italy where almost all museums and shops in Italy are closed. June 2: The Festa della Repubblica marks the birth and unification of the Italian …

Traditional Italian Music and Dance HowStuffWorks

    Italian pop music is similar to pop music in the rest of the world, incorporating rock, hip-hop, jazz and electronic dance music. However, Italian pop stars incorporate traditional Italian music into their works as well, such as Andrea Bocelli, who fuses pop music with classical and opera.

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    Dec 12, 2016 · Italy’s birthrate is the second lowest in the Western world. Both political and church leaders have expressed concern and have offered rewards to couples who have more than one child. [4] The biggest holiday in Italy is Christmas. Many people celebrate Christmas Eve with a huge feast, often featuring seafood.

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