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How to Keep Your Employees Motivated and ... - When I Work
    Give them step trackers, and reward the most active employees after the holidays are over. Give them a short-term (or long-term, your call) membership to a gym so they have a place to work out before or after work. Bring in a fitness coach to show your team small exercises they can do right at their work stations throughout the day.

How to Balance Work During the Holidays - The Muse
    But during the holidays, it amps up. Between preparing for holiday celebrations and wrapping up the year, we feel extreme time constraints. And when we feel that extra pressure, we often end up talking about how stressed we are—constantly complaining about it and sharing it with those around us. And not …

Things the Working Poor Want You to Know During the Holidays
    Dec 28, 2017 · The working poor want you to know some things during the holidays–but they won’t come right out and say them. Here are some ways to better understand–and help–the working poor. I’ll never forget the Christmas that Will and I discovered we were among the working poor.. Frustrated by our financial situation at the time, Will had walked out of a financial planning class we were taking ...

5 Simple Tips to Make Working Out Work During The Holidays ...
    Dec 01, 2016 · Working out during the holidays tends to subside because of our busy schedule. Family parties, work events, friendsgiving and Christmas dates. It's overwhelming but so, so fun at the same time. You can easily get caught up in the shopping, food, and booze and just tell yourself it's time to relax.

3 Things to Consider Before Forcing Your Employees to Work ...
    Nov 25, 2014 · 3 Things to Consider Before Forcing Your Employees to Work the Holidays ... and don't get much productivity out of the bargain anyway. 2. They may start polishing up their resumes.

17 Killer Strategies For Never Giving Up IMPOSSIBLE
    Apr 10, 2012 · Thank you so much for this. This definitely helped me stay focused and not give up. I have been struggling with completing things I start. i tend to give up easy when I can’t get it right. I think i need someone to call me out, I recently started doing push ups and sit ups and I haven’t missed a day so far, it has been a week.

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