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The Best Working Holiday Travel Insurance for New Zealand ...
    Having travel insurance (including medical coverage) is mandatory when doing a working holiday in New Zealand. The NZ government states that working holiday participants must ‘maintain your medical insurance while in New Zealand.’ They continue to say ‘ we may ask to see evidence you’re insured when you arrive in New Zealand.’

How to Get New Zealand Working Holiday Insurance
    Jul 24, 2017 · According to the New Zealand working holiday visa guidelines, it is required that you have travel insurance to cover you during your time in the country. Whether or not anyone checks to make sure you have it is debatable. However, there’s no point in risking it, because if someone does check, you could be denied entry and have your visa revoked.

New Zealand Working Holiday Insurance Policy » OrbitProtect
    OrbitProtect Working Holiday Insurance. Medical care + medical evacuation + loss of deposits (optional baggage cover) Our Working Holiday Insurance also covers the most common jobs in New Zealand such as. retail; accommodation; pubs, tavern and bars; cafes and restaurants; work in the horticulture sector including vineyards and orchards.

Which Insurance to Choose for a Working ... - New Zealand
    If it remains optional in the framework of a brief tourist stay, multi-risk insurance is nevertheless a compulsory condition to apply for a Working Holiday Visa. The certificate issued by your insurer will be checked at your arrival in New Zealand. The poorly prepared hikes mobilize the rescuers.Location: 25 rue Descartes, Paris

Medical and Travel Insurance for New Zealand - Working ...
    Mar 05, 2019 · Medical and Travel Insurance for New Zealand. The OrbitProtect insurance plans are designed to protect you when the unexpected happens while you are away from home. The OrbitProtect team has been insuring travellers to New Zealand for more than 30 years. That makes OrbitProtect one of New Zealand’s most experienced providers of visitor medical and travel insurance.

New Zealand Working Holiday Health & Travel Insurance
    Jul 24, 2020 · It is compulsory for Working Holiday Visa holders coming to NZ to work in retail, fruit picking, or hospitality industries to provide evidence of comprehensive travel insurance while they are in New Zealand. We have a range of policies that will meet these requirements while you are in New Zealand.

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