Australian Working Holiday Bridging Visa

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Australian Bridging visas: What are they all about?
    Jan 29, 2018 · Let’s take a look at an example: If you are in Australia on a Working Holiday visa (subclass 417) which expires soon, and you are applying for an Employer Sponsored visa (subclass 457), the Bridging visa will be granted upon submission of the 457 visa application.

Answered: Working Holiday Maker to Bridging Visa - ATO ...
    Jul 17, 2018 · You are a working holiday maker if you have a visa subclass: 417 (Working Holiday) 462 (Work and Holiday). You're still a working holiday maker if you were previously on one of these visas and changed to a bridging visa. You can find more information about working holiday makers on …

Working Holiday visa (subclass 417) First Working Holiday visa
    a Maritime Crew visa; Ask us to cancel your Working Holiday visa before you travel to Australia if: you want to enter Australia on another visa, or; you do not want your Working Holiday visa to start; Complete Form 1194 - Certification of Immigration Status and/or request to cancel a Temporary Resident visa.

Can you / your Employee Work on a Bridging Visa?
    A typical bridging visa scenario would be where a working holiday maker, Frank, applies for a 457 visa whilst in Australia. Frank would be granted a Bridging A visa which allows them to stay legally in Australia after his working holiday visa expires. How long does a bridging visa last for?

Specified work for Working Holiday visa (subclass 417)
    While Akio was in Australia on his first Working Holiday (subclass 417) visa, he applied for a second Working Holiday visa. During the processing of his application, his first Working Holiday visa expired, his bridging visa came into effect and he commenced specified work. His second Working Holiday visa was then granted.

Australia Bridging Visas Immigration Direct
    Bridging Visa B. The B class Bridging Visa is for applicants who hold a substantive visa - any visa besides a Bridging Visa, a Criminal Justice Visa or an Enforcement Visa - and are awaiting another substantive visa, usually of the same type as the current one, …

Are you confused by Australian Bridging Visas? Visa ...
    4. Bridging Visa D. If your substantive visa has expired, a BVD will let you stay in Australia lawfully for a short time until you are able to make a substantive visa application, make arrangements to leave Australia or are granted a Bridging visa E. Important things to note about a BVD: Time limits

Tax rules for 417 and 462 Working Holiday and Bridging ...
    The Australian income year starts on 1 July and ends on 30 June the following year. As a working holiday maker either on a 417 or 462 visa the first $37,000 of your income that’s from $0 – $37,000 is taxed at 15% and the balance is taxed at ordinary rates. You are a working holiday maker if you have a visa subclass: link

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