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Holidays and observances in Japan in 2020
    Holidays and Observances in Japan in 2020. ... That's because you didn't select any holiday types. Please check at least one of the boxes. We diligently research and continuously update our holiday dates and information. If you find a mistake, please let us know. 2019

The Working Holiday Programmes in Japan Ministry of ...
    The working holiday programmes are, based on bilateral arrangements, intended to make it possible for the youth of Japan and its partner countries/regions to enter each country/region primarily for the purpose of spending holidays while allowing them to engage in employment as an incidental activity of their holidays for the purpose of supplementing their travel funds.

Public holidays in Japan - Wikipedia
    Public holidays in Japan (国民の祝日, kokumin no shukujitsu) were established by the Public Holiday Law (国民の祝日に関する法律, Kokumin no Shukujitsu ni Kansuru Hōritsu) of 1948 (as amended). A provision of the law establishes that when a national holiday falls on a Sunday, the next working day shall become a public holiday, known as furikae kyūjitsu (振替休日 ...

Working Holidays in Japan
    A working holiday visa is a special visa for young people between the age of 18 and 30 (25 in case of some countries), to stay in Japan for up to one year. Working holiday visa holders are allowed to work part time while staying in Japan.. Japan has currently mutual working holiday agreements with the following countries and regions:

Japan Working Holiday
    A Working Holiday Japan is a special visa aimed at people between 18 and 30 years old that allows them to work and travel in the country for a full year.. Although the main purpose of this visa is to vacation and achieve a better cultural exchange with Japan, we still able to work within the country to pay for personal expenses during the stay.

Farm work jobs in Japan - World Unite!
    You will only get the Working Holiday visa once in a lifetime, so you should make use of it to the fullest! With the Working Holiday Visa you can stay for up to one year in Japan and accept fully remunerated jobs. If you book our Working Holiday package "Farm work in Japan", it includes all the support services of the Working Holiday Package ...

Homestays, Volunteering & Working Holidays in Japan
    Volunteer in Japan - Join now the world's leading community for volunteering, working and cultural exchange.

Holidays and Paid Annual Leave in Japan TalentHub Blog ...
    How one perceives the way the Japanese take paid leave in Japan will very much depend upon where you've come from and the way things are done there; but working at a Japanese company may require you to revise the way you think about vacations and how you spend your free time. Then again, it might seem quite normal.

Working Holiday – Japan Working Holiday
    Working holiday programs are based on bilateral agreements between Japan and partnering countries, making it possible for young nationals of the partnering countries to travel to Japan for a duration of 6-18 months (depending on the nationality), primarily for the purpose of spending holidays which have the aim of cultural learning and exchange ...

Farms and Agriculture - Agritourism in Japan
    Shodoshima is the birth place of olive cultivation in Japan. The island has been a top producer of Japanese olives and olive oil since 1908. The Olive Park is a working olive grove that offers attractive walking paths through the hillside. There is a small museum where visitors can learn about the history of olive cultivation on the island, as well as a restaurant, cafe and shops.

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