Anxiety Returning To Work After Holiday

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10 Tips to Survive Going Back to Work After a Holiday
    Jul 10, 2017 · Simply talking to someone can help improve your first day back. Going back to work after holidays can be very difficult. Most people get what is known as the post- holiday blues, while others suffer from anxiety at the thought of having to return to their work. However, these tips will help make your transition back to work much smoother.

Getting back to work: How to beat post-vacation anxiety
    Aug 31, 2017 · Martinez, the Miami psychologist, says a therapist can also dig beneath the surface to get to the root of post-vacation anxiety. “For example, if they say they’re dreading returning to work, that can spark a conversation about their resentment for the boss that passed them over for a …

Anxiety on Returning to Work Post-COVID-19 Lockdown
    Returning to work is going to be a challenge for all of us. We will be interacting with one another for the first time in over 8 weeks. Undoubtedly this will cause feelings of anxiety. So what is anxiety, and how can we help reduce those feelings as we return to work?

5 Tips To Survive Post-Vacation Anxiety MadameNoire
    CBS reports the anxiety that one feels upon returning to work after a vacation is called “re-entry stress.” Physical reactions to this kind of stress usually come in the form of symptoms like...

Managing Anxiety When Returning to Work After COVID-19 ...
    Returning to work represents a return to normal, but it may not be without its own causes for anxiety. Finding a balance between your personal wellbeing and work environment and responsibilities is important. So, before and after your return to work, you should address any reservations related to COVID-19 that may affect your work duties.

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