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Getting a Second Year Work and Holiday Visa - Tourism ...

    Changes to the Working Holiday Maker program mean that working holiday makers can now count paid and volunteer disaster recovery work in declared disaster areas towards the “specified work” needed to apply for a second or third year Working Holiday visa. This work includes construction, farming, or any other work in association with recovery or restitution of land, property, farm animals or …

2nd Year Visa Jobs - Working Holiday Visa extension work

    Working Holiday visa holders can be eligible for a second year extension. To get this you will need to complete 88 days paid seasonal work. Have a read of our guide to the second year visa to find out more details. Meanwhile, here's a list of our latest backpacker jobs offering eligibility for the second year visa application.

Working Holiday Visa Jobs (with Salaries) Indeed.com

    Work may assist in gaining second year Working Holiday visa (subclass 417). Updates will be emailed to applicants through our harvest jobs newsletter, which… 11 days ago

Farm work and second year visa jobs - Tourism Australia

    To secure work, contact farms directly, explore the Harvest Trail or check out the Backpacker Job Centre. This is also a good spot to check if there’s any construction work on offer in the city, which is also considered eligible work for your second-year visa. Show more.

Working Holiday visa (subclass 417) Second Working Holiday ...

    Second Working Holiday visa This visa lets people 18 to 30 years old (inclusive) - and Canadian, French and Irish citizens 18 to 35 years old (inclusive) - who currently hold, or who have held, a Working Holiday visa, have a second working holiday in Australia.

Eligible jobs for a second and third year visa in Australia

    If you wish to renew your Working Holiday Visa for a second year in Australia, you must work for a minimum of three months – or 88 days – in a specific job position during your first year. To renew your visa for a third year, you will need to do 179 days (6 months) in a specific job position in an eligible region. Other conditions are also required for the renewal. In this article, we provide you with a list of …

Regional Work, Farm Work , 2nd Year Visa Jobs (with ...

    People also searched: farm work - 2nd year visa - farm, fruit picking - fruit picking - farm - working holiday visa - 2nd year visa, 88 days - regional work - no experience - farm hand Popular Searches: Emerging Technologies jobs in Victoria - Absolute Domestics jobs in New South Wales - Football jobs in Victoria - » Ipa jobs in Lidcombe NSW ...

Answered: Work and holiday maker - tax on second job - ATO ...

    Apr 19, 2018 · Hi! I am currently on a work and holiday visa and have two casual jobs, working around 20 hrs in each. My question is if I should pay more than 15% tax on the second job just for being a second job, or if that happens after earning $37000 regardless if I have one job or two. Both my employers are re...

Specified work for Working Holiday visa (subclass 417)

    To be eligible to apply for a second or third Working Holiday (subclass 417) visa, you must have already completed a prescribed minimum period of “specified work” in certain circumstances. Specified work is work that is undertaken in a 'specified' industry in a specified area of regional Australia.

Can I extend my Working Holiday visa? Immigration New ...

    Working Holiday Scheme Second Work Visa Application Form (INZ 1223) If you do not meet the requirements for the above Working Holiday Extension, you may still be eligible for a 3 month extension of your Working Holiday visa if you have completed 3 months of seasonal work while holding your Working Holiday visa.

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