2010 Declared Non Working Holidays In The Philippines

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2010 Official Holidays: Regular and Special Non-Working ...

    Bonifacio Day — 29 November 2010 (Monday nearest November 30) Additional Non-working day — 24 December 2010 (Friday) Christmas Day – 25 December 2010 (Saturday) Rizal Day — 27 December 2010 (Monday nearest December 30) Last Day of the Year — 31 December 2010 (Friday) New Year’s Day – 1 January 2011; We shall update the list should their be extra holidays that will be declared. …

May 3, 2010 Monday is Declared as Special Non Working ...

    May 04, 2010 · Wednesday, April 28, 2010 May 3, 2010 Monday is Declared as Special Non Working Holiday in the Philippines MANILA, Philippines - President Arroyo today declared May 3, 2010 as a special non-working holiday in lieu of May 1, Labor Day. Executive Secretary Leandro Mendoza said May 1, which falls on a Saturday, is not a holiday.

August 2010 Declared Holidays - Between Bites - Bites of ...

    Aug 02, 2010 · Special Non-Working Holiday (Nationwide) RA No. 9256 –In commemoration of the Death of Senator Benigno Aquino, Jr *** Update as of August 11, 2010 – P-noy modified and declared that August 23, 2010 is no longer a special non-working holiday.   READ MORE: August 23 is a REGULAR WORKING DAY.

Philippine 2010 Holidays Let's Go Sago!

    Identified Holidays are. Jan 01 – New Year’s Day. Feb 22 – People Power Revolution Anniv (Mon nearest Feb 25) **. Apr 01 – Maundy Thursday ( Holy Week) Apr 02 – Good Friday. Apr 03 – Special Non-Working Holiday for the Holy Week. Apr 09 – Araw ng Kagitingan. May 01 – Labor Day. May 03 – Regular Holiday.

Official Holidays For 2010 - Philippines

    Working and non - working holidays of the Philippines for year 2010 Here are the official list of holiday for the year 2010. Official List of Philippine Holidays for 2010 (based on Proclamation 1841 signed by former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo last July 2009) Regular Holidays – 2010. New Year’s Day – January 1 (Friday)

List of Philippines Holidays and Non-Working Holidays

    Chinese-Filipino has been a great and old community in the Philippines, so to celebrate our camaraderie with them, the Chinese New Year has been declared as a Philippine Holiday. See Dragon Dances on Chinatown or Malls or eat tikoy during the Chinese New Year.

Philippines declares the Public Holidays for 2020 Public ...

    Nov 16, 2019 · The Philippines has declared regular holidays and non-working days for 2020 through Proclamation 845 signed by President Rodrigo Duterte. The Labor Code of the Philippines specifies two types of holidays: the ‘regular holiday’ and the ‘special non-working day’. There is a difference in the pay that employers are required to pay between the two type […]

Regular and Special National Holidays in the Philippines ...

    Compensation for National Special Holidays. For declared special days such as Special Non-working Day, Special Public Holiday, Special National Holiday, in addition to the two national special days, November 1 (All Saints Day) and December 31 (Last Day of the Year), the following rules shall apply: a. If …

Regular vs. nonworking holidays: What's the difference?

    Apr 07, 2015 · In the Philippines, holidays are grouped into two categories: "Regular Holidays" and "Special Non-Working Days." ... former President Benigno Aquino III declared …

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