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The UK working holiday is renamed to Youth mobility scheme (Tier5) but serves the same purpose for eligible passport holders. The eligible countries are limited but the opportunities are enormous.

To take a look at one specific avenue to achieve this is to look at our web site:

The British or UK criteria does differ from the requirements for Canada or Australia.

UK Working Holiday was little different from the present scheme, the requirements that were:

  • The age range was 17 to 30 years.
  • The working visa was for two years.
  • Out of which you could work for 12 months in the 24 months period. Basically, half the time spent working and the other half will be spent traveling around the UK. This will not be the case if you are involved in sports professionally or you are intending to set up a business in the UK.
  • You can leave the country and return any time you like.  However, the two years is a fixed period.
  • If you had a previous UK working holiday visa, you will not be entitled to a new one.
  • You must have a valid passport from your country of origin. You must also show that you are from a country that is part of the Working Holiday Programme.
  • You must not bring dependents with you.
  • You can come with a partner as long as they are on the same scheme.
  • You will need to prove to any immigration officials that you have enough money to cover the period of UK working holiday visa. You will not be able to depend upon public funds.
  • The state of your health needs to be declared
  • Any criminal records need to be declared.  This includes minor offenses. The Home Office will conduct a check on each UK working holiday visa application. Anybody that is considered a threat to UK security will not be allowed in.
  • You must prove that you do not have any medical conditions which could be a drain on the UK health service.

For anyone wondering about the “tone” of these conditions it is to do with the current political situation in the UK.  Worries about immigration was the main driver in the UK leaving the European Union. There is a popular misconception that immigrants “sponge” off of the UK National Health Service.

The UK Working Holiday Programme has been replaced by the Youth Mobility Scheme


Please visit this web site for more specific information:
This again is a scheme for young people who want to work, travel and live in the UK for two years. Also note that this scheme is restricted to a fairly small number of countries. These are: Taiwan, Morocco, Japan, Canada, Australia, New Zealand.

This is also based on system with a maximum of 50 points.The categories are Nationality 30 points, Age 10 points and Maintenance (funding) 10 points.

UK Working Holiday Visa Requirements


If you are a British overseas citizen, a British territories citizen, or a British national overseas, you will get ten points.

Note :

The age range is now 18 years old on the date your is valid and you are under the age of 31 when you start the application process for the visa.


To get the full 10 points you must have available 1800 Pounds UK  in cash.  This will be checked when you make your application.

More Changes from the previous Scheme.


  • You can work for the full two years
  • There are no restrictions on the type of work you can undertake
  • BUT this time if you are on the youth mobility scheme you cannot set up your own business and you cannot work professionally in sport.
  • Also, you cannot work as a trainee doctor.
  • But you do not need a sponsor in the UK to find work.


London is a vibrant multicultural and multiracial city.  Public transportation is well established and it is very good on the whole. However, London can be very expensive.

Type of work available:


  • Outdoor event worker:  This is what is called a “roadie” in the pop and rock world.  This means loading and unloading trucks for any kind of event.  This could be music, theatre, corporate events, film, and TV. The hours are long, the work is tough, but you could  get to meet many people and maybe make contacts.
  • Indoor event worker: Once everything is off loaded everything has to be set up. This could mean lighting and sound systems. Increasingly these are computer based. There will be the need for catering. Tables will need to be set up and everything laid out. Again a hard job, but you could learn a lot, especially if you have an interest in any of these fields.

Its is not all “full on London” in the UK.  Working Holiday Pty Ltd offers a few other holiday packages for your leisure trip or Gap Year. This may include placements as desired and the approval to do so.  This does not have to be always London, but the UK countryside in castles and mansions. Accommodation meals and uniforms can be achieved through the partner agencies.

Working Holiday Pty Ltd provides you with “UK working holiday package ”. This is a package that will get you running as soon as you hit the ground.  This could well be 15 pounds an hour working as many hours a week you wish to.  Relatively cheap rented accommodation can be found.