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How to Extend your Working Holiday Visa in Australia ...

    Similar to the Working Holiday Maker visa, the Work and Holiday visa allows you to extend your visa by completing specified work, but only in certain locations. You can do any of the specified work above, but only in northern Australia, or specified areas. If heading up north sounds a bit scary, never fear!

Working Holiday Visas Immigration New Zealand

    Working Holiday Visas New Zealand has working holiday scheme agreements with many countries, allowing you to work in and explore our great country. Every year hundreds of young people apply for New Zealand working holiday visas, and spend a year or two working in New Zealand.

9 Day Oz Intro Sydney Working Holiday Package » Book Small ...

    Most people who do OzIntro are on either a Working Holiday Visa (WHV) or Tourist Visa. A WHV is available to those aged 18 - 30 from the UK, Canada, Ireland and many other European nations. We can organise your visa for you before you go.

Everything You Need to Know About Your Working Holiday in ...

    Jan 20, 2019 · The Ultimate Guide to Your Australia Working Holiday Visa. If you are planning a working holiday in Oz, you probably have a TON of questions. I don’t blame you, it’s a complicated process to wrap your head around – especially if you have never travelled or lived abroad before.

Working Holiday visa (subclass 417) First Working Holiday visa

    This visa lets people 18 to 30 years old (inclusive) - and Canadian, French and Irish citizens 18 to 35 years old (inclusive) - have their first extended holiday in Australia and work here to help fund their trip. You can do any kind of work on this visa. Usually, you can only work for …

Entering Oz - Proof of funds Australia - Lonely Planet ...

    Hi, I'll be landing in Oz in Jan on a working holiday visa. I'll have enough money to support myself but just wondering if the airport authorities always check for… Entering Oz - Proof of funds Australia - Lonely Planet Forum - Thorn Tree

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