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What are compressed hours, and how do they work?
    When an employee works compressed hours, then their annual leave is calculated in hours rather than days. When one of their usual working days falls on a bank holiday, their usual number of hours for that day will be deducted from their annual leave entitlement. CharlieHRbuilds software to help small businesses thrive.

Bank holidays and compressed hours Mumsnet
    A person working five days a week would take five days leave for a bank holiday week. A compressed hours person would have 37.5 hours per week x37 days leave so 1837.5 total hours leave. If they worked four days a week each working day taken (including bank holidays) would use up around 9.4 hours from the total amount of hours.

Bank holidays and compressed hours -
    Apr 04, 2019 · When one of the usual working days of an employee working compressed hours falls on a bank holiday or closure day, their usual number of hours for that day will be deducted from their leave entitlement.

Compressed hours - holidays and bank holidays DIYnot Forums
    May 10, 2019 · Anyone done/have guidance on this? Up until now I have to do 35 hours per week (excluding breaks) over 5 days. I get 30 days holiday plus the bank holidays, so 38 total. I'm trying out compressed hours. I'll be doing 8am-6pm Monday to Thursday, so trying to recalc holiday, and what happens on all the bank holiday Mondays. Thanks

Calculate holiday entitlement for employees working ...
    Help us Help the NHS. We, like so many others, watch in awe and in gratitude, as our marvellous NHS do so much for us during this unprecedented crisis.

Holiday Entitlement for Flexible Workers: What are you owed?
    If you work compressed hours you should calculate their holiday in terms of hours worked so if you work the same amount of hours as full-time workers you should get the same number of hours in holiday [rather than days], including bank holidays. For each day’s holiday you would need to deduct the number of hours you normally work in that day.

Compressed hours and BH entitlement — MoneySavingExpert …
    Oct 05, 2012 · You are entitled to a minimum of 5.6 weeks holiday which is 28 days for a full time employee and can include the bank holidays, you work 4 days so are entitled to 4/5's of full time worker so should get 22.4 days minimum which worked out in hours equals 224 total. Because xmas is on one of your non working days you are not affected at all.

Condensed hours and Bank Holiday Entitlement HRZone
    However, what was not discussed at the time of application for flexible working with the Line Manager was how Bank Holidays would be calculated. As this employee works from Tuesay to Friday she has not been getting "paid" for Bank Holidays that fall on a Monday over and above her 35 hour pay, as her 35 hours fall outside of this day.

How are holidays worked out if I work compressed hours ...
    It is 38 * 7 because you currently work 7 hours a day 5 days a week. and for that you are given 38 days holiday a year (266 hours). You get the same number of hours when you do compressed working, but each working day is longer, hence the number of days reduces.

How to calculate holiday entitlement for workers on ...
    Working 45 hours a week over 4 days, Mary’s average working day is 45 ÷ 4 or 11.25 hours a day. To convert annual leave into hours, the entitlement in days should be multiplied by the average ...

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