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Working Holiday Visa FAQ - Tourism Australia
    The Working Holiday visa application requires identity documents such as your passport and financial evidence that proves you have the funds to stay in Australia, usually AUD $5,000. You'll need to meet certain health and character requirements, and you may also be asked to provide a police certificate. All documents must be in English, and any ...

Working Holiday visa (subclass 417) - Department of Home ...
    Working Holiday visa For young adults who want an extended holiday and to work here to fund it. Basic Eligibility. Must be 18 to 30 years old (inclusive) - except for Canadian, French and Irish citizens up to 35 (inclusive) Must have a passport from an eligible country or jurisdiction;

Work and Holiday víza do Austrálie!
    Work and Holiday víza Ti umožňují zůstat v Austrálii na dobu 12 měsíců od vstupu na území Austrálie; Získáš možnost pracovat v Austrálii na plný úvazek, a to u minimálně dvou různých zaměstnavatelů (max. však 6 měsíců u jednoho zaměstnavatele).; Žadatelé o vízum musí prokázat dostatek finančních prostředků na osobním účtu, a to především finanční ...4.9/5(85)

Het Working Holiday Visum voor Australië: alles wat je ...
    Het Working Holiday Visum Australië is de ideale optie als je op zoek bent naar een avontuur dat bestaat uit zowel reizen als werken in dit prachtige land.Veel reizigers kiezen voor deze optie als ze voor het eerst in Australië gaan backpacken.. Dit reisvisum voor Australië biedt globetrotters de mogelijkheid om het backpacken door Down Under betaalbaar te maken aangezien je een goed ...

Working Holiday visum Australië Online WHVA aanvragen
    Working Holiday Visum Australië. Het Working Holiday Visum voor Australië (officieel Working Holiday Visa Subclass 417) is een visum bedoelt voor jongvolwassenen in de leeftijd tussen de 18 en 30 jaar oud, die maximaal een jaar willen gaan reizen en werken in Australië.

All Requirements to Obtain the Working Holiday Visa for ...
    Often, the Working Holiday Visa is also called Work and Travel Visa. The correct name, however, is Working Holiday Visa. There are 2 types of the WHV. The difference between the Working Holiday Program (visa subclass 417) and the Work and Holiday Program (visa subclass 462) is that more requirements must be met for the latter (subclass 462).

Working Holiday visa (subclass 417) First Working Holiday visa
    The total time you will be permitted to stay on your first Working Holiday visa and then a Visitor visa is 12 consecutive months. If you want to apply for a Visitor visa to stay longer in Australia and the Visitor visa would result in you staying longer than 12 consecutive months in Australia, you must:

Working Holiday Visa Australia - age limit to 35 years
    Important note. People currently on a Working Holiday Visa in Australia (subclass 417 or 462) and over 30 years old, are eligible to apply for a second year visa if they are from France, Ireland or Canada (by completing 88 days of eligible work in regional areas or 6 months for 3rd-year visa).

Working Holiday Visa: my experience in Australia THE ...
    1. Working Holiday Visa Australia. All the following information can be found on the official website of Internal Affairs of Australia, I recommend you visit it and also visit the official website of the embassy of Australia in your country to have the most updated information.. a. Visa Characteristics. If you’re granted a Work and Holiday visa, you can:

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