April 9 Holiday Non Working

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Pay rules for April 9-11: Triple pay as Araw ng Kagitingan ...

    Mar 31, 2020 · Saturday, April 11. Since it is a special non-working day, "the 'no work, no pay' principle shall apply (if the employee did not work) unless there is a favorable company policy, practice or ...Author: Ratziel San Juan

2020 regular holidays and special non-working days

    Nov 15, 2019 · Malacanang on Friday released Proclamation No. 845 declaring the regular holidays and special non-working holidays for 2020. Regular holidays. New Year's Day January 1 (Wednesday) Araw ng Kagitingan April 9 (Thursday) Maundy Thursday April 9; Good Friday April 10; Labor Day May 1 (Friday) Independence Day June 12 (Friday)


    Apr 11, 2020 · labor advisory no. 13 series of 2020 – payment of wages for the regular holidays on april 9 and 10, 2020 and special day on april 11, 2020 Posted on March 30, 2020 Download (PDF)

National Holidays in Philippines in 2020 Office Holidays

    The Labor Code of the Philippines specifies two types of holidays: the 'regular holiday' and the 'special non-working day'. There is a difference in the pay that employers are required to pay between the two type of holidays.

Public holidays in the Philippines - Wikipedia

    119 rows · Throughout its history, the Philippines made a few changes in the way public holidays take …

LIST: Philippine holidays 2020

    President Rodrigo Duterte on Friday, November 15, signed Proclamation No. 845 declaring the regular holidays and special non-working days for 2020. The regular holidays are: January 1, 2020 ...

Regular and Special National Holidays in the Philippines ...

    Compensation for National Special Holidays. For declared special days such as Special Non-working Day, Special Public Holiday, Special National Holiday, in addition to the two national special days, November 1 (All Saints Day) and December 31 (Last Day of the Year), the following rules shall apply: a. If …

Philippine Holidays 2020: A Guide To When To File Your ...

    Last Friday, November 15, 2019, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte signed Proclamation No. 845 confirming the list of regular and special non-working holidays for 2020. All in all, we have ten regular holidays, seven special non-working holidays, and two additional special non-working holidays.

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