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How To Balance Work And The Holidays - Forbes
    Nov 19, 2019 · Here are some pitfalls to avoid, and also some tips for balancing work around the holidays. Just Say No You’ve been asked to organize the annual office holiday party.

Don’t Work on Vacation. Seriously.
    Jul 22, 2020 · How — and when — we work is fundamentally changing.Data from the 2018 American Time Use survey indicates that 30% of full-time employees report working weekends and holidays…

Celebrating the Holidays and Diversity in the Workplace
    The winter holidays can also be a source of conflict for HR managers, who must ensure the season doesn’t lead to hurt feelings, discomfort or worse—a charge of religious discrimination.

Why governments are paying people to go on holiday
    22 hours ago · Some see them as unfair: wealthier folk are likelier than poorer ones to be able to take time off work and to have spare cash for holidays. To avoid subsidising the rich, schemes’ eligibility ...

Should You Get Paid Holiday Pay for Working on Holidays ...
    Dec 13, 2019 · Companies don’t legally have to pay you extra to work on a holiday unless it’s laid out in the company policy or employee handbook, DuFord says. …

Find Work-Life Balance During the Holidays and Every Day
    Here are four tips to finding work-life balance during the holidays and every day. Advertising. 1. Know and avoid your stressors. If cooking for a large group, baking cookies, or Christmas shopping are your key stressors, don’t do them. Lots of grocery stores will help cater your next holiday meal, bakeries exist for a reason, and gift cards ...

Health Tips for the Holidays and New Year in the Workplace
    Mar 27, 2020 · Health Tips for the Holidays. The holidays can bring a lot of joy, but they can also bring lots of stress! An already over-stressed workplace can be even more hectic, with employees taking time off to be with their families, increasing the workloads for those left holding down the fort.

Managing Stress in the Workplace During the Holidays
    Article. Managing stress in the workplace during the holidays can be a challenge for any employer. The people who work for your business not only have job responsibilities to attend to but may also have the added challenges of coping with family visits, end-of-the-year holiday gift buying, scheduling events, etc.

2020 Federal Holidays and How They Are Paid
    Jul 21, 2020 · Sometimes your work status determines whether you will be eligible for paid holidays by a private company. Full-time workers and/or workers with seniority are more likely to be allowed paid holidays than part-time employees. Levels of seniority may also determine how many paid holidays your employer is willing to give you each year.

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