Arkansas Labor Law For Working On Holiday

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Arkansas Labor Laws - Wage, Hour -
    Arkansas labor laws require employers with 4 or more employees to pay employees overtime at a rate of 1½ times their regular rate when they work 40 hours or more in a work week, unless an employee is otherwise exempt. AR Stat. 11-4-211. Federal overtime laws may also apply.

Arkansas State Holiday Pay Law Requirements for Employers ...
    May 16, 2016 · Arkansas holiday pay laws are similar to some other states. Workers receive ten paid holidays which are New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and two birthday holidays which are Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s & Robert E. Lee’s combined Birthday, as well as George Washington’s Birthday …

Arkansas State Holidays - Employment Law Handbook
    Public employers Arkansas state employees are entitled to paid leave on the above listed holidays if they are on pay status the last scheduled work day before the …

Laws and Rules Arkansas Labor
    Arkansas Labor Laws. The Arkansas General Assembly is the legislative branch of state government. The General Assembly passes the statutes which are compiled and written in the Arkansas Code Annotated (ACA). The Arkansas Department of Labor, an executive branch agency, adopts administrative rules consistent with the authority and responsibility granted by the General Assembly.

Arkansas Employment Laws - FindLaw
    Summaries of laws affecting the employment relationship in Arkansas, including wage and hour laws, right to work laws, and official legal holidays.

Arkansas Holidays laws & HR compliance analysis
    Jan 16, 2018 · Any state employee who is required to work on a legal holiday, for any reason, is entitled to equivalent time off at a later date. Employees of state-supported institutions of higher learning may be required to work on any of the legal holidays established, but they will be entitled to equivalent time off on another date ( AR Code Sec. 1-5-102 ).

Arkansas - Leave Laws - Employment Law Handbook
    In Arkansas, a private employer can require an employee to work holidays. A private employer does not have to pay an employee premium pay, such as 1½ times the regular rate, for working on holidays, unless such time worked qualifies the employee for overtime under standard overtime laws. If an employer chooses to provide either paid or unpaid holiday leave, it must comply with the terms of its …

Arkansas Legal Holidays Laws - FindLaw
    Jun 20, 2016 · Additionally, state employees may take a paid holiday on their birthday. The following chart lists Arkansas's legally recognized holidays, with links to additional resources. See FindLaw's Wages and Benefits section to learn more. Code Section. 1-5-101.

Arkansas Employment & Labor Laws AR Handbook
    Child Labor Laws. Disability Discrimination (ADA) Discrimination Laws. Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Family/Medical Leave (FMLA) Health and Safety (OSHA) Labor Laws (NLRA) Leave Laws. Mass Layoffs (WARN) Meals and Breaks. Minimum Wage. Overtime. Required Postings. Wage Payment. Unemployment. Vacation Leave

Arkansas Labor Laws Breaks Employment
    Dec 22, 2019 · A specific Arkansas labor law on breaks is provided within section 11-5-116 of the state’s revised code. Under this section of law, “an employer shall provide reasonable unpaid break time each day to an employee who needs to express breast milk for her child in order to maintain milk supply and comfort.”

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