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    Congratulations to AGDAV Family on 34th Foundation Day of the school Saksham Gupta. Shobhit Sayala and Anuj Majumdar have cracked JEE(Advanced) 2019 Garvit,Saksham, Shobhit Sayala,Aman, Anuj, Neeraj and Atif have have cleared JEE(Mains) 2019 HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019 Pratyush Cleared and Awarded fellowship in KVPY, Secured National Merit in NSEC Vartik, Pratyush, Satyam, …

    English Holiday Homework teaches your ward how to read, comprehend information and communicate ideas with others. Reading develops virtues, senses and enhances knowledge. Newspaper reading creates awareness and helps him/her to keep pace with the world. Vocabulary sharpens his / her communication skills. You are requested to

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    16 th April, 2016 will be a holiday as the 9 th April, 2016 (2 nd Satuday) will be working: 6. Mahavir Jayanti: 20 th April, 2016: Wednesday: 7. Buddha Purnima: 21 th May, 2016: Saturday: 8. Summer Holidays - For Students School reopen on 4 th July, 2016 for the students 23 th May, 2016 to 2 nd July, 2016-9. Summer Holidays - For Teachers

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    Arvind Gupta DAV Centenary Public School: Northex, Model Town, Delhi “Turning one’s passion into excellence by blending the best of traditionalism with modernism”

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    It will help in developing the habit of regular, systematic and methodical work among the students For classes I and II assessment will be based on 4 cycle tests where as for class III to V assessment will be based on four Cycle Tests and with an addition of 5 marks which includes oral test, project observation and various other activities.

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    BVM Public School > Holiday Homework Holiday Homework. Holiday Homework

Holiday homework – FAS Noida
    Winter Holiday Homework. Class: Downloads: I : II : III : IV : V : Summer Holiday Homework. Class: Downloads: I : II : III : IV : V : ... Anika Agarwal 4 weeks ago. 0. Activities done by children of Nursery and KG at home Anika Agarwal May 8, 2020. Class 2 Labour Day activity Anika Agarwal May 1, 2020. Class 3 World Fair – Around the world in ...

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    We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.Learn more

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    All staff who can work at home should continue to do so. Only with an explicit request from a supervisor should a staff member return to campus. For more information, review COVID-19 Workplace Guidance.

holidays homework summers for classes III to V
    Note : Please make your home work as creative and colourful as possible. Hindi : 1-lys[k dkWih e ifrfnu ,d i’B lys[k djA 2-,4 'khV ij pkj foKkiu cukb, ftue ^tkxks xkgd tkxk^ d vrxe cgr lh ckr le>kb xb gkA ¼tl [kk inkFkk l lacf/kr] fctyh midj.kk] df’k mRiknk] 'k) lku d vkHk’k.kk l lcf/kr vkfnA 3-ifrfnu lekpkj i= i<A Maths : 1.

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