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The USA Internship program is designed to allow recent graduates, college and university students an introduction to the United States of America.   This could be cultural, or it could be a way of students gaining first hand experience in their particular field of study, in the area of business and commerce.

To be specific:

The requirement is that these must be foreign students.  The institution must be at post secondary level. The academic institution must be outside the USA. It should be producing a degree nor a certificate.

Alternatively: You must have completed your studies 12 months before the start date of the exchange visitor  program



There are a set of requirements that are needed for the USA Internship.

These are:

  • A certificate of eligibility, this is form DS-2019. This will be issued by your program.
  • Further supporting documents. This will depend also on what types of document your embassy or consulate will provide.
  • A US valid passport.
  • You will need to complete DS-160. On line. This is the non immigration visa application.
  • You will need to show a receipt that the you have paid the $140 fee for the visa application.
  • A 2 inches x 2 inches photograph. This should meet any format requirements.


This a key part of this USA Internship program.

To start with the DS- 2019 form should be given by a designated sponsor to a the current candidate or a potential candidate.

The candidate is only allowed to perform the duties laid out by the sponsor on the DS-2019 form. The State Department allocates sponsors. These could be in the government, in the private sector or an academic institution.

The role of the sponsor is to select and carefully evaluate the foreign candidates to see if they are suitable for the Internship program. Once they are selected and I place, the sponsors should further monitor and support their charges during the program.

This official Question and Answer web site link, will also give you a full list of the official sponsors:

What will you gain?
There are a number of benefits a young foreign student will gain from the experience of entering the USA Intern Program. Obviously, there is experience of seeing United States first hand and being immersed in every day life in the US. Yes, the cultural experiences as well.  But principally it is the opportunity to bridge the gap between the academic world and the “real” world of work, business and commerce. This transition is never an easy one. But here in the US, foreign students will have the help and support of experienced sponsors in first class institutions to guide them through this transition.

These areas of work will not be part of the Internship program

Posts that involve causal  or unskilled labor. This also includes any work involving child care or the care of the elderly.  There should be no involvement in medical patient care of any kind or any contact with this work. If there is any clerical or clerical support work involved in the Internship program, it should take up less than 20% of the allotted time.

What is Allowed


The Internship program is intended to cover the following areas:

  • The Fishing, Forestry, and  Agricultural Industries.
  • Culture and Arts.
  • Building and Construction Trades.
  • Education, Science Counseling, Library Services,  social Sciences and Social Services.
  • Occupations related to Health.
  • Tourism and Hospitality.
  • Communications and International Media.
  • Finance, Commerce, Business and Management
  • Law and Public Administration.
  • Industrial Occupations, Science Architecture, Engineering and Mathematics.

Finding a Sponsor


On this related official government link there is a full list of the designated sponsors:

To take a look of a sample of what occupations and activities are available.

  • American Immigration Council.
  • Aramaco Training Services.
  • CENET Cultural Exchange Network.
  • Cultural Vistas
  • Experience international
  • General Electric International Inc.
  • Hewlett Packard.
  • Intel Corporation
  • Longwood Gardens Inc.
  • Microsoft

Again this only a sample of the designated sponsors.  As you can see from this list that already there is quite a mix. There are a number of world leading international Information Technology Companies in this list, world giants, along side more every day propositions.

This gives a very good idea regarding the possible scope and range available.  It also shows the generosity of the United States that it opens its doors to foreign students and graduates.  This could be a major turning point for any young person entering the world of work.

Of course the United States gains by recruiting talent from around the world.  Some day they want to reallocate the the United States. Otherwise they well take back these experiences to their own countries helping to form links and share these experiences within their home countries. It is also very much a plus on any ones resume for the future.

This may be needed:


USA ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) or ESTA (Electronic Systems for Travel Authorization)

These systems are increasingly being rolled out by different countries to enhance efficiency and security. This is a visa waiver program. This is because all the visa process will have already taken place.

The following criteria apply:

  • Your country is part of the visa waiver plan. Please look at this web site to check if your country is part of this scheme.
  • You do not have another visa.
  • You are in the US for only 90 days or less.
  • You are in the the US for pleasure or business.
This also applies:


  • You must carry a valid passport from a country which is part of the ETA/ESTA scheme.
  • You will need a valid credit card. (the following are acceptable: VISA, Master Card, Paypal, American Express, as well as discover ( this includes JCB Diners Club). This is in order to pay the $14 US for the cost of the application.
  • Full contact details.
  • Any employment details, if they are needed.