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512 Annual Leave - USPS
    Exception: If an employee shown to be eligible in 434.422 elects to receive annual leave credit in lieu of holiday leave pay (see 512.65), annual leave may be charged to supplement work hours, up to the limit of the employee’s regular work schedule, on the holiday worked. 512.513 Leave for Postmasters and Installation Heads

becoming fulltime - Postal Employees - Federal Soup
    Sep 18, 2008 · Once you make regular, you are a career employee. Rural carriers become career full time employees through growth and the retirement of older carriers. I was an RCA for 2 years and 2 months. As an RCA you start out part time, but through growth and retirement of older carriers, you can get a full-time career position.

Working at USPS - Careers -
    We seek to attract and retain a diverse workforce in which employees respect and value each other’s differences and work to promote collaboration, flexibility, and fairness so that all employees are able to participate and contribute to their full potential. Should you become a USPS employee, you will be required to perform your duties in a ...

United States Postal Service Employee Reviews ... - Job Search
    hot and the packages have overcome the mail and the winters suck driving Being a part time employee I did not ever get a Saturday off and I was always stuck working the days after a three day weekend or a holiday and the mail on those days is outrageous. The amazon packages started being delivered on Sundays so I worked the worst days with the most mail and for n9o benefits and 1/4 the salary ...3.5/5(26K)

Q and A on Non-Traditional Full-Time Jobs that APWU ...
    Any occupied non-traditional full-time regular duty assignment which is converted to a traditional full-time assignment shall be reposted.” (page 190 in corrected copy of tentative agreement) In this section, they are talking about converting a job after it has been vacated, now while an employee is …

How do I transfer to another state? - Postal Employees ...
    Apr 23, 2015 · Mutual transfers are only for regular positions. You need to watch ereassign for openings in the area you wish to move to. If you are accepted for transfer to a level 20 or above office you will go as an FTR or NTFT depending upon the position.

Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know About PSEs
    P. 45 - ARTICLE 34 - Work and/or Time Standards . P. 45 - ARTICLE 35 - Employee Assistance Program . P. 45 - ARTICLE 36 - Credit Unions and Travel . P. 46 - ARTICLE 37 - Clerk Craft . P. 55 - ARTICLE 38 - Maintenance Craft . P. 58 - ARTICLE 39 - Motor Vehicle Craft . P. 63 - ARTICLE 40 - Operating Services Craft . P. 64 - ARTICLE 41 - Material ...

ARTICLE 17 & 31 VIOLATIONS ISSUE: Denial of Union Requests
    applicable straight time rate, providing the time spent is a part of the employee’s or steward’s (only as provided for under the formula in Section 2.A) regular work day. The Postal Service will compensate the Union’s primary Step B repre-sentatives at their appropriate rate of pay on a no loss, no gain basis.

Light Duty, Limited Duty or Modified Duty Assignments
    Apr 01, 2000 · The most common request will include the restructuring of jobs or tasks within a job, reassignment to a vacant position in another classification, modification of the existing work site, or acquisition of special equipment and devices. Job Restructuring Often the employee’s medical restrictions involve limitation of movement of one of more limbs.

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