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Working holiday in New Zealand : solotravel - reddit
    Working holiday in New Zealand. I'm going to New Zealand on a working holiday visa at the end of February. Booked a week at a hostel in Auckland then just winging it. But I plan on getting a van to live in and travel. Tho I don't mind staying in one place for a bit I'd like to bounce around a bit but also I'd like to work so I can earn some ...

QuestionAustralia vs. New Zealand: Working Holiday Visa ...
    I'm planning on doing Australia and New Zealand sometime in the next couple years. I know they both have ~$5000 recommendations, but would probably try to have double that to be safe. I'm still undecided on whether or not I want to get a car/campervan for the non-working travel part of the visa, although that will obviously be costly.

Working Holiday Visa/Travel : newzealand - reddit
    So as the title suggests, I am planning to work/travel New Zealand in Oct/Nov. I should be able to get the 1 year working holiday visa. I have never worked at all during my travels as I am usually travelling with a significant savings built up. But at this point I want to try living someplace new.

Working Holiday Visa : newzealand -
    Desperate to come to NZ for WHV but it seems I’ll be waiting a while. Any tips on where to first settle as a backpacker on a WHV and what rent …

Considering a working holiday in NZ but want to ... - reddit
    Sep 05, 2016 · I'm considering getting a working holiday visa for New Zealand when I finish my Bachelor's degree in finance and staying there a year before I head back to the states to get my MBA. I read online, however, that it can be quite difficult to find a job in NZ (especially for non residents) and that the cost of living is extremely high due to ...

Working Holiday New Zealand or Austrailia? : travel - reddit
    Living costs in New Zealand will be cheaper compared to Australia. But overall (if you want to work) there is more money to be made in Australia. A lot of New Zealanders go to Australia to work. When I was on my work visa I lived in my car to save money. But it is doable to stay in share houses or hostels.

r/newzealand - Travel insurance on WHV -
    I am arriving to NZ on a working holiday visa and as an American, I will need travellers insurance. I assume it's because my country's system is broken. lol. Anyway, I am entering without an exit ticket so I was wondering if I needed to buy the insurance for the full year or if I …

I'm an American. I lived in NZ for 6 months in ... - reddit
    Mar 23, 2008 · I'm an American. I lived in NZ for 6 months in 2010 on the Working Holiday Visa. I'm applying for a Skilled Worker Visa so that I can move back permanently. Here's a more informed opinion on what I, an American, think of NZ.

How to Get New Zealand Working Holiday Insurance
    Jul 24, 2017 · Before heading off on my year-long New Zealand working holiday, I had to do a lot of preparation.I had to get my visa, I had to find an affordable flight, I had to pack everything into a carry-on size backpack, and I had to purchase New Zealand working holiday insurance.. I had trouble finding information about what type of insurance I needed for my working holiday.

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