Most of us don’t know much about Ukraine. Yes, flashes in the news. And yes, the former post-Soviet republic. But few people know that this country which is the largest in Europe, can also offer us excellent opportunities for recreation, especially in summer.

Holidays in Ukraine

Europe is a very diverse land, with mountains, woods, rivers and seas all concentrated in a rather tight area. And Ukraine, as its part, is no exception. There are Carpathian Mountains good for ski lovers, and lots of rapids for rafting, there are plenty scenic reserves best for hiking and regular tourism and there are a few nice spots for kitesurfing as well.

Travel the world and the seven seas

Well, actually there is only one sea in Ukraine, but it is definitely worth a notice. This is the Black Sea, large and moderately stormy, but full of warm beaches and nice scenic spots. And a place worthy of attention for all fans of water sports. If you are fond of windsurfing or kitesurfing - you will definitely like it here. In just a decade the community of local surfing fans has singly created several full-fledged spots and is always happy to see like-minded people. Just follow the shoreline.


Why is it worth starting from Odessa? At least because it is a rather large resort city. And this means that for vacationers of all kinds there will always be many nice hotels, restaurants and places where you can spend your time. Odessa is a beautiful modern city suitable not only for surfers but for tourists as well. Tired of kiting? Fine, you can go to the club, attend a concert or just stroll through the green parks.


Another popular resort on the Black Sea. Koblevo has a fairly well-developed infrastructure. Night clubs, summer cafes, hotels of different sizes and levels of service are all in variety. Koblevo beaches have always been popular among tourists. Certainly, the majority of visitors there are local population, but Europeans are not so seldom to be seen there as well. So you seem to have various possibilities. You can either go have a surfing ride, or find yourself an interesting company.


This is quite a secluded place. The nearest locality is Sergeevka - a small village where you can buy the most necessary things - food, drinks, household items and basically anything you may need. If you prefer living in a tent, you can set it on the beach, not far from the spot. Or if you are accustomed to greater comfort, you can rent a house from local residents. They will be happy to rent you a room, moreover for pretty little money.

Is it worth it?

Obviously so. If you are planning a vacation, or happened to be nearby, be sure to visit Ukraine. A developed community of kiting and windsurfing fans is very welcome and will never refuse to help their like-minded people. Do not hesitate to contact representatives to clarify your questions, the route, accommodations and all that matters, and you will have an unforgettable vacation.