Canada has a lot to offer, no wonder why Canada working holiday visa program is a must for the youth.

There are several jobs available in various industries, but the most popular are in the hospitality and holiday industry of Canada.  This is an example of the range of work available in this sector.

This lists some of the jobs available. Please notice there is quite a range. Some posts require a set of basic skills, where as other jobs need very high skills, training and experience.

1). Parking attendant :

The general skills needed for this are to help guest find parking spaces and lots. The candidates must be courteous and professional.  To be able to keep parking spaces open be clearing snow and ice. To be in radio contact in case of an emergency.   Having specific licenses to operate the following vehicles could be an advantage; sanding and salting trucks, bobcats and plows. Being physically fit would also be an essential qualification.

2). Barista :

Previous experience of this kind of work would be a major benefit.  Good people skills when working at the bar.  Be able to prepare and serve drinks quickly and efficiently when things are very busy. Make sure all payments are properly accounted for . To have a very good knowledge and understanding of where they are working and its surroundings, so they can fully help with any questions at the bar.

3). Hotel Maintenance Worker :

Someone with a building trade skills would be ideal for this role. This requires regular maintenance checks on dry walls, chipped paint and putting shelves together.  To look into gas maintenance and plumping problems like drains that are clogged and lighting gas fires.  Help with clearing walkways and roofs of snow. Be able to give help and assistance around the hotel or resort.

4). Lead Cook :

Be able to understand recipes and related material. Be able to prepare the correct quantity of food for each meal. To cook and serve the meals. The lead cook will also be involved in the preparation of sauces and stocks. The cook should be able to identify and select appropriate spice, condiments and herbs to any recipe.  It will be necessary to prepare all kinds of food. The lead cook’s central role is to make sure that the correct quality control is maintained at all times.  The taste of any food served must be correct. It must be served at the right temperature. Timing has to be exact. The proper visual protocol for the presentation of the food must also be observed.  There will be the need for the overall management of the kitchen or kitchens.  Any food in storage needs to be constantly checked to see if it is safe to use and not spoilt. Checks must be made for the contamination of food. The type of food needs to be rotated as well.  Therefore, everything must be kept clean. Food safety is paramount. All wasted food needs to be recorded and logged.  Food deliveries need to be received and recorded.  Also, restocking needs to be constantly undertaken.  For working holiday Canada jobs this is a major undertaking for anyone without experience in this field. Two to four years’ previous work experience is needed. This must require culinary training, plus possibly experience of working as the lead cook in a kitchen. That also requires good people’s skills in being able to supervise a team of people and it would mean working under pressure.  Any candidate would also need to have the stamina to work in this kind of environment. However, the successful completion of a job placement such as this would look very good on any future resume.

5). Sous Chef :

This is usually taken to mean the number two in a quality restaurant or holiday resort. The term sous chef does imply a very good establishment, therefore a candidate would be expected to have had five years’ experience plus a culinary degree. This means working in a high pressure situation producing quality food. The chance of a holiday placement working at this level would look very good on a future resume.  The specific responsibilities for this placement include the following tasks.  Menus may have to be written under the supervision of the chief executive chef.  There could be the need to set short term goals, such as establishing procedures. The candidate may be asked to review recipes and suggest and test new food items.  This job will also require a potential sous chef to supervise staff training and make sure there is compliance during each stage of food preparation. The four main areas that need to be addressed in food preparation are taste, appearance, quality and quantity.  All these areas will need to be checked whilst food is being cooked and made ready. Be aware of any functions and events planned in the near future.  coordination with other departments is also important. The daily food purchasing also needs to be checked. An excellent knowledge of computer payroll programs is essential along with inventory ordering.

Another strong area that could be looked at is engineering and construction. This could include candidates who have studied civil engineering and engineering in general. But there could be an opening for people with trade skills.

Hopefully this information will be helpful for young people wanting to get a working holiday visa Canada.