Got Too Drunk At Holiday Work Party

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Why You Shouldn't Overdo it at The Holiday Party - The Muse
    5 Career-Boosting Opportunities You’ll Miss if You Get Too Drunk at the Holiday Party 1. Escaping the Reputation of Being That Guy or Girl. You knew this was coming—so might as well get it out of the way... 2. Getting to Know the Higher-ups. Depending on the size of your company, you may or may not ...Author: Stacey Lastoe

Why Does One Person Always Get Too Drunk at the Office ...
    Then, all that effort is undone after drinking two glasses of champagne, when you accidentally tell your boss that you have a crush on that guy in IT. Most anyone who's received a paycheck has an anecdote about a coworker who went too far at the office holiday party. So what makes this fête such a powder keg? Yes, alcohol lowers your inhibitions.

So You Got Drunk at the Office Holiday Party - More
    So You Got Drunk at the Office Holiday Party - More. Mixing booze with co-workers is a dangerous, dangerous game. Here’s how to handle the aftermath should you get out of control at your next company function. On one hand, having a cocktail with work associates can help you get to know each other better and build team camaraderie.

Hammered at the Holiday Party?
    Triangle Handbag Manufacturing Co., the company was sued under workers’ compensation when a jealous employee drank too much at the holiday party, then went outside and stabbed a colleague for ...

Can you get fired for being too drunk at your work ...
    Nov 30, 2018 · While you'd be extremely unlucky to get fired for being drunk at the Christmas party because you couldn't get away with it in the office there is a point where you're at risk of professional action.

From Tipsy To Regret: Your Tales From The Office Holiday Party
    Dec 16, 2015 · Drinking with co-workers can be festive — and fraught. In an informal survey of Salt readers, 25 percent of you told us you'd gotten tipsy enough to regret it at an office party, and 80 percent...

How to handle office party embarrassments - CBS News
    Dec 19, 2011 · A party feels different than the office, so sometimes people forget that anytime they are with people from work, they are at work. If you're one of those people who "forgot" that you were at work ...

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