Going to Canada on a working holiday is a very exciting prospect. There is quite a lot to take on board if you go about this yourself. It would make life a lot easier if you involved experts in getting you to Canada. Working Holidays are there to help you. Specific information can be found on this website:

Canada Working Holiday

Starting with some general Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I get in contact with Working Holiday and start my application?
Click on the free assessment tab on our website to fill the form and one of our working holiday expert will get in touch with you for a no obligation free eligibility assessment. You can also call us on our Australian line at 02 8321 8818 to explore your options. Once you have read through the introductory page and are happy with this click on Book Now.

How do I fill out the form?
There should be no worries with this, as this is a standard booking form. Fill out your full contact details.  This should include your full name and address, along with your State/Province, and zip or postal code. Then add a telephone number you can be contacted on plus your email. Also, add any company or organization you are part of and your age.

How much will this cost? (Adventure)
The Adventure working holiday is AUD$499 excluding GST. This can be paid by using Pay Pal, or any of these major credit cards:  American Express, Visa, Master Card, and Bank. You can also transfer the sum in our commonwealth bank account or simply call us to pay over the secure phone line.

What services do I get from the Adventure Canada Working Holiday Package?
You will get the following services: Your own personal application manager, along with a two-year Canadian working holiday visa. You will also get assistance with booking your flight, getting insurance, and help with your bank account. You will also get help getting a taxation (SIN) number.

What is the Super Canada Working Package?
For AUD$799 excluding GST, you can have these added benefits. You get every service in the Adventure package plus you can get guaranteed job placements.  This will give you considerable peace of mind if you plan to go to Canada. There is also help with transferring from the airport. You will also be aided in finding accommodation and sorting out any taxation.

What is the age range for this scheme?
The age range for the Canadian Working Holiday Visa is 18 to 35. For most countries including Australian nationals, you can apply before you turn 31 but if you belong to New Zealand, you can be eligible up to you turn 35.

How long can you stay in Canada?
This can be for either 12 months or 24 months depending on your nationality.

What countries are eligible for this scheme?
There are many countries that have bilateral deals with Canada. These include most European countries, including Eastern European countries and the Ukraine. In Latin America, this includes Chile, Costa Rica and Mexico. In Asia, this includes Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The complete list of eligible countries can be found on http://workinholiday.com.au/ website Canada Working Holiday page.

What are the specific Canadian requirements for being granted a Canada Working Holiday?
There are a set of requirements that need to be fulfilled if you want to come to Canada on a working holiday.  Please look at the CIC govt website for more specific details:

How much money should I bring?
The figure that you are expected to bring, or have available is $2500 CAD.  This is for the first three months. This must be shown to immigration officials on arrival.

What other checks are there?
There will be a health insurance check and you must have full insurance to cover your stay. Police checks will also be needed at the time of application.

What work is available?
Working Holiday can certainly help you with this.  There is a range of work available in the holiday resorts in the West, especially in catering and hotel work. Also, there are warehouse and construction jobs in great abundance.
Again, Working Holiday are there to help you get this Canada Working Holiday up and running.