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Electronic Travel Authority does away for the need for specific paper visa requirements. There are other variations of this around the world.  For example, in the USA  this is known as the ESTA,  or Electronic Systems for Travel Authorization.

ETA Microchip

A small micro can be embedded at the front of a new passport that uses ETA or ESTA, or with a small ETA/ESTA  visa.  This will carry all your passport information as well as additional biometric data.  This chip is designed to stop any possible “skipping”,” hacking” or  “copying”.  This will be scanned by passport control or by immigration officers when you enter a country that uses this scheme.

ETA/ESTA Visa waiver countries

The standard period is up to 90 days, to travel using an eTA for specific business activities and pleasure ( a holiday).  Business activities usually relate to conferences, seminars  and trade fairs etc. This can include signing contracts. This does not include working in one of these countries under this scheme  using this visa.

The UK is one of the Visa Waiver countries. These are the main ESTA waiver countries

The rest include pretty well all the  European countries. Canada and the US are part of this scheme and Chile is a waiver country in Latin America.  In the Middle East this includes Brunei.  In Asia the following are involved:  Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, and South Korea.

There are variations.  For example, under the Australian ETA system,  Malaysia participates. It would be wise to have a very close look at any of the official web sites. This is an example from the US:

The countries that can issue an ETA online includes: Andorra, Austria, Denmark, Hong Kong, Belgium, Iceland, France, Finland.

This who process can appear on the face of it, very complex. If you have the time, the patience, and maybe want to save your self some money, then undertake all this work on your own.

On the over hand there is help available: For anyone looking for a working holiday in the UK, and you are living in Australia, then visit this web site:

They can guide you through the process of getting an ETA visa if this needed or getting a working holiday visa.

ETA Requirements for traveling from the UK


Looking specifically at Canada :

Please visit the following official UK web site for more details:

You will now need an eTA Electronic Travel Authorization, if you are traveling for up to 9 months only, for pleasure (holiday) or for non work, related business visits. If you are visiting Canada. Also, if you are traveling from the UK to Canada by plane, you are expected to carry an eTA.

The exception to this are, is you have a resident card which is a permanent, a Canadian Visas which allows you entry and dual nationality. This means holding a Canadian Passport.

You must also have a valid passport. If there is only 6 months left on your passport it must be renewed.  This will probably not be accepted by Canadian Passport and Immigration Authorities.

UK Emergency Travel Documents can also be used along side eTA’s.  for entry and exit to Canada.

You can travel for a child, as long as you have a “letter of consent”, from the parent who is not traveling.

You can apply for an eTA  online

For those wishing to visit Canada and want to apply for an  eTA on line, visit the Canadian High Commission link be found on the official British Government link noted above.


To start with you will need the equivalent of  $7 CAD fee.  This can be paid using one of the following credit cards: a valid Master Card, Visa or American Express Card. The receipt must be kept and shown, if requested, to immigration or passport control.

You can not apply if

  • You are a Canadian Citizen or have dual nationality.
  • You have permanent residency in Canada
  • If you carry a travel document for a refugee
  • You have a travel document from the OAS (Organization of American States.
  • You are “Laissez – Passer UN”.

If you have a valid UK passport that will not expire in 6 months time, then this can be used to set up the eTA.

Applying on Line


This can be done through the official Canadian Site from the UK. When you enter any data it must be precise.

You must enter you passport number very accurately, There must be no spaces or special characters. Be very careful with “0” and “o”, and “1” and “I”.

“GBR” stands for the Great Britain. This is found at the end of these nine letters and numbers. This is important in a passport as it signifies the issuing country and/or authority. Once you pass further into the application form web site, you are asked a number of other qualifying questions.  A number of these are probably not relevant. This is an example of the questions that are found on this site.

An accredited diplomat does not have to have an eTA.  They can still apply for one if they want one.

 Digital Passport

Along side the eTA, there will be a requirement for a digital photograph.

The following needs to be noted:

This photograph will be “embedded” into the front on a new passport with an eTA chip or an eTA visa.

This means it will not be stuck down or taped to any documentation.

It must be taken by an official photographer or an accredited photographer that takes digital photographs.

The photograph must be taken against a white, or off white background.  This also has to be a colour photograph.

You must not be wearing sun glasses, unless there is a medical reasons for this. Your must not be wearing any on your head, unless this is for religious purposes. You should be wearing the clothes you use every day.  You need to look straight at the camera with a neutral expression.

Again, you have the choice of either doing all the work yourself or using a reputable company such as  to secure an eTA visa for travel to countries that accept this system.