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This stands for Electronic Travel Authority.  This is a system that has started rolling out around the world.  All your passport data plus additional biometric data is encrypted in a small micro chip.  This can be found on the front and at the bottom of some new passports.  This is also part of a separate  ETA visa card. Along with this, there has to be an acceptable digital photograph.  Measures have been taken to prevent “skimming”, “hacking”  or “scamming” of these micro chips.  They will be scanned upon entry to a country.  They can equally be checked by immigration officials.

There seems to be a complex set of different arrangements for different countries that use the ETA. It is the case that citizens of Australia and New Zealand can use this system.

You will need to apply for an ESTA ( Electronic System for Travel Authorization).  visa in New Zealand if you want to enter the United States.


This system will mean that you will not have to have extra labels in your passport.  A “verification” email will be sent to you confirming if this application has been successful. You may need the help of a travel agent.  Alternatively, for a bit more of an out lay of additional funds you may want to use a specialist agency.  For those of you interested to travel to New Zealand, then Working Holiday Pty Ltd could help you:

For those of you who want to do this on your own then, again you will need some specialist help. To apply in New Zealand, on good starting point would be to look at the official New Zealand Government web site:

Where applications can be made on line.

New Zealand General Entry Requirements:


  • You must have a valid passport, alternatively travel documents. If your passport is due to expire soon, then it is better to have this renewed straight away, prior to your journey to New Zealand.
  • If this is needed, then bring a valid visa with you to show immigration and passport control. This applies to someone coming to New Zealand or passing through New Zealand. If you have been issued with an Visa, then a printed copy will be needed of this.
  • You must have a visa relating to your passport.  The visa must be in your passport.
  • You must also show that you a return ticket from New Zealand to your country of origin or to another country you might be traveling to next. However, this may not apply if you are an Australian Citizen, or if you are a permanent New Zealand resident. You may have either an official letter or a visa document which states that the return or onward flight ticket is not required.  You may also be sponsored.  Please note, that if your next country requires a visa, then the immigration officers are required to look at these documents as well.
  • You enough money for your stay in New Zealand. This amount will vary depending on what travel visa you are using. The same exceptions here regarding being an Australian citizen etc as in the points mentioned just above.

You must be in good overall health.  This means that you are not a medical threat to any one in New Zealand. You will not put a financial burden on the New Zealand Health Service or to special education.

Good Character Requirements:


This needs to be looked at in more detail as it is important. A visa of any kind will not be granted to you if any of the following is the case:

  • If an offense you have committed has lead to a prison sentence of 5 or more years.
  • If you had committed an offense in the last 10 years, which lead to a prison sentence of twelve months or more.
  • You are not allowed to enter New Zealand
  • Deportation, exclusion and removal from another country will stop you from coming to New Zealand.
  • Any of the following will prevent you from coming to New Zealand as well. If you are capable of committing an offense, present a security threat, you are a potential threat to public order and to the general order, you will not be allowed into New Zealand.

New Zealand is a member of the Visa Waiver Countries.   When you enter  New Zealand, you will need the following:

  • Evidence of a return ticket, or sufficient funds to cover this.

Evidence of sufficient funds to cover your stay in New Zealand.

The visa is for a period of up to three months only.  The New Zealand system specifies that this is for a “lawful purpose”.

This is determined by immigration officials on entry to New Zealand.  They may feel that you might stay unlawfully in New Zealand.  You have breached one of the visa conditions. That there will be problems deporting you or removing you from New Zealand.  Your visit has to be “bona fide”. That is, coming to New Zealand for a valid purpose.

There seems to be a difference between a visa waiver scheme and ETA visa.

The following countries take part in the ETA scheme: Canada, Hong Kong ( SAR PRC), Brunei (Darussalam), Malaysia, Singapore, Republic of South Korea, United States, Japan.

There is a far larger number of countries that are eligible for the visa waiver scheme.

This includes pretty well all of the European countries.  Along with these, in the “Americas”, these are the USA, Canada, Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay.  In the Middle East this includes Israel, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates. In Asia this includes, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Macao and Taiwan.

Which ever visa system you choose, New Zealand is a very fine country to visit. It has very beautiful scenery and a rich culture.