Whether you are a male or a female, backpacking for an adventure outdoor trip in Canada is an arduous task for everyone. However, for girls, it is even more difficult because of the varied travel-related challenges involved. If you are a first-time backpacker, this article would be very helpful for you because we have gathered some important tips for women backpackers.


Follow Packing Styles of Males:

Women have the tendency of packing too much even the unrequired stuff like makeup, toiletries, and other unnecessary items. The key to perfect, handy and ideal backpacking is to pack like a man because men are experts in packing as they aren’t into traveling with a lot of baggage. We have seen girl travelers who struggle with rucksacks because of their weight and this is why we recommend that you don’t pack too much.

Plan properly:

Any hiking trip tends to be challenging; there could be muddy trail and/or gaiters for which you need to be well-prepared in advance. Also, in Canada, you must acknowledge the weather conditions prior to backpacking. Whether you will cross extensive snow patches or not or would you be having buggy conditions at the camping site are aspects that you must consider and pack accordingly.


The rule of the thumb is to spread everything you need on your mattress or table and then start removing items by evaluating the frequency of usage. Such as packing 5 t-shirts for a 5-day trip is very impractical; instead, pack two and keep rotating them. Only pack one pair of lightweight hiking boots and please don’t try to add in stuff that makes you glamorous like jewelry, cosmetics, etc., because you won’t be using them much. Most essential items include hats & bandanas, ponchos, undergarments, warm clothing to counter abrupt weather fluctuations and socks. Jeans/shorts are a must as well so keep a pair or two and don’t forget to roll your clothing so that these occupy minimal space.

Take Plentiful Supplies:

When we ask you to pack minimal clothing, we don’t mean that you need to be so minimalist in everything else you pack. Supplies are a vital element of your outdoor trip; you cannot afford to run out of tampons, sanitary napkins, contraceptive pills (if you take them) and/or similar items. If your trip is short then probably you should be restrictive in packing supplies but if going away for prolonged camping trip then opt for the more the merrier approach.

Beware of Danger Spots:

For girls, traveling alone is not an easy task even though Canada is a very developed and safe country for backpackers. This is why it is a wise idea to keep a Tazer or pepper spray, a pair of scissor and a sharp knife. Also, do prepare ahead and identify a safe spot for hiking and camping, being too adventurous could land in you trouble as well.


Carry along packaged, tinned and freeze-dried meals or instant options such as ready-to-eat pasta and noodles. You can pack items that are lightweight and last long like cookies, energy bars and nuts. Chocolates are also an essential item. Pack two bottles of water, juices and avoid beer. Do pack plenty of waterproof matches and lighter in case you have to light up the fire.