Every novice hiker, camper and outdoor adventure enthusiast in Canada must have information and know-how about backpacking basics to ensure a fulfilling experience. Let’s take a look at backpacking basics for beginners.

Know the Climate:

Do remember that backpacking for a trip across Canada isn’t as easy as it sounds given the unpredictable nature of weather throughout the country. In summers, the temperature touches 35 degrees Celsius whereas in winters it can go down to -45 degrees Celsius. So you get a crazy mix of sweltering heat and freezing cold.

This is why we recommend that you consider the climate of the location at the time of your trip before planning, because what and how you pack depends largely on the climate.

Beginning to Backpack:

Backpacking is all about gathering the stuff/gear that you will most probably require. Backpacking is an art; it requires ample consideration and skills. Such as if you pack a lot of stuff then you won’t be able to carry the bag at all and your camping experience will become tiresome. So firstly let’s check what you need to remember before beginning to backpack:

What you Might Need:


For a camping trip, you badly need a tent. We suggest that you rent it as many outfitters rent camping gear including tents. This way, you will ensure a camping trip within your budget.

Lightweight boots:

Hiking and camping involve a lot of walking and your feet may get blisters or similar foot issues. It is better to buy a pair of lightweight boots, which should be slightly bigger than your normal shoes. Don’t forget to pack wool hiking socks.


Pack a lightweight canister stove and at least 2 standard fuel canisters to spend the weekend.


You must not pack a lot. Try to keep two pairs of jeans and 2 shirts and 4 pairs of socks if you have to spend the weekend. Roll the clothes properly, even the socks and mufflers to keep the clothes well-organized.

Sleeping pad:

Of course, you would want to enjoy a good nighttime sleep so get a roll-able sleeping pad with 1 ½ to 2 ½ inches thickness and dimensions that are according to your height. The bed should be at least 10°F warmer that the temperature at the location.


Pack instant cereal, milk powder, instant oatmeal, tinned tuna/salami, cheese, instant pasta/noodles, packed salsa, tortillas and burritos, and bread. You can also pack dry fruits, cookies, energy bars, chocolate and freeze-dried edibles. Don’t take beer along but do pack some liquid vices.

Plastic Bags & Sheets:

Many won’t probably agree but plastic wraps help a lot for selling those bottles of shampoo or moisturizer prior to closing the lid. Plastic wraps add another layer of security to spillable items so that your clothes don’t get spoiled. Also, keep some spare plastic bags to put your worn socks, clothes or other items.

Water Bottles:

To keep yourself hydrated and to ensure that you have got enough water store, it is a wise idea to take water bottles along.