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Honey Bee Holidays: emerging travel trend with plenty of buzz
    Jun 20, 2019 · 1. Spend a day with a beekeeper on island Šolta and make your own honey. Visit Šolta island and meet Tvrdić family, the 3rd generation of beekeepers known by the rosemary honey called Olynthio. See a real beehive, join the beekeeper at work and learn how to make your own honey.

What’s so special about Slovenia beekeeping – Bee our guest
    Slovenia is known as a country using a “unique beekeeping method” characterized by wide varieties of honey, like the acacia, lime, chestnut, fir, spruce, floral and forest honey. Slovenia boasts three EU-protected types of honey: the Slovenian honey with the protected geographical designation, the Kočevje forest honey and the honey from the Kras region.

Beekeeping in Slovenia - Slocally
    Beekeeping in Slovenia. Slovenia is a country of excellent beekeepers. Beekeeping in Slovenia is one of the oldest traditional activities and important part of Slovenia’s identity, natural and cultural heritage. To be Slovenian means to be a beekeeper.

Beekeeping in Slovenia - Women's Inter-Church Council of ...
    The old saying: “beekeeping is the poetry of agriculture” originated with its residents. Slovenian Anton Janša was regarded as the first teacher of modern apiary. Now, his 1734 birthdate is honoured via the Slovenia driven proposal to have May 20 th declared World Bee Day within the framework of the United …

Slovenia, the Cradle of Beekeeping The Slovenian ...
    Marked by beekeeping and honey, you can spend holidays in Slovenia slightly differently. For example, by visiting one of quite a few Slovenian apicultural museums or going on a beekeeping education trail where you will also learn why a bee stings and how bees communicate with each other. – The Museum of Apiculture in Radovljica is unique in Europe. Learn about the history of …

Sweet dreams in special accommodation I feel Slovenia
    Slovenia is also a land of bee-keeping. Not far from Mozirje, you can learn about the life of bees in a unique way and spend your holiday in Bee Land. Staying in honeycomb-shaped cottages and enjoying pampering with honey are experiences that you will talk about for a long time.

Slovenian Beekeepers’ Association (ČZS) and the World Bee ...
    Beekeeping has found a special place on the Slovenian soil. In the beekeeping world, Slovenians are known as the beekeeping nation because we have the highest percentage of beekeepers in Europe – there are five beekeepers per every thousand people.

Slovenia’s honeyed opulence I feel Slovenia
    Would you like to spend your holidays living like bees in Slovenia? Near the town of Mozirje lies Beeland. You can stay in honeycomb-shaped chalets, where you will feel right at home. For the final touch, treat yourself to a luxurious honey massage or relaxing in the saunas.

beekeeper beginner from Slovenia
    Dec 03, 2010 · beekeeper beginner from Slovenia. Hy... i want to share with you our beekeeping, that is quite diffrent than in other countries. We use our own AŽ hives, and keep them in so called …

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