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Working in Australia - Gap Year
    The UK and Australia have reciprocal agreements so any British citizen aged 18 to 30 can get a working holiday visa (WHV). They cost £349and allow you to work for 12 months from the date you arrive. Anyone over the age of 30 will be denied a working holiday visa.

Why do a working holiday to Australia - Tourism Australia
    A gap year is the perfect way to refresh and recharge, especially if you’re planning to return home and continue work or study. You’ll also develop new skills that will make you stand out from your peers. Even if you don’t study while you’re in Australia, a gap year is a journey of learning.

What is a working holiday - Tourism Australia
    A working holiday, sometimes called a gap year, is an extended trip abroad that allows you to stay for longer than a typical tourist visa and gives you the right to earn money through short-term employment. While some working holiday makers choose to stay for a year and beyond, others stay for just a …

Australia Working Holiday & Gap Year Tours Ultimate ...
    Australia is one of the most popular destinations for gap year and working holiday makers, with over 20 nationalities eligible to apply for the WHV, and the perfect country to meet fellow travellers! The beauty of meeting people travelling is that you always have at least one thing in common…a passion for travel!

Work abroad in Australia on a gap year or working holiday ...
    You only get one Working Holiday Visa. But if you do 88 days of 'specified work in Regional Australia' you can apply for a 2nd Working Holiday Visa. This 88 days does not need to be completed all at the same time, but can be spread over your first 12 months.

Gap Year in Australia Go Overseas
    Jun 05, 2020 · Although Australia may be better known for sending its youth away on gap years throughout the globe, Australia has also long been a popular gap year destination for gappers.

Working in Australia - Gap Year -
    90% of travellers get their second-year working holiday visa by fruit-picking. You need to clock-up 88 days, all signed off by a farmer, to apply for a second-year working visa. It’s hard, physical work, but there can be a great sense of community: you’ll be working with other backpackers and locals.

Top reasons to do a gap year in Australia - Tourism Australia
    A gap year can come in many forms - you can take a year off after high school and before college, in the middle of your studies, or after you graduate university and before you start working. In Australia, as long as you’re between the ages of 18 and 30 (18 and 35 for Canadian, French and Irish citizens) when you apply, there’s no wrong time to come Down Under on a Working Holiday visa .

What You Need to Know About the Australia Working Holiday ...
    As one of the most beautiful countries in the world, Australia is like catnip for the young and bold, the newly graduated, and the in-transitions looking for an adventure. The perfect launchpad for a year of work and travel in Australia is through the working holiday visa; an ideal gap year destination for experienced travelers and newbies alike.

Gap Year Jobs Abroad & Working Holidays
    The duration of gap year jobs will depend on which job you choose. Some jobs abroad may last no more than a month or two, while some are year-long placements. A working holiday visa in Australia means you can stay in a job for almost as long as you like. The duration of any job should be clear when you apply, and it’s important to make sure you can commit to that length of time before you take the work.

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