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Getting a working holiday visa to Canada may at first seem a very daunting task, but this does not have to be the case.

The Australian Connection

There is a direct way for young Australians to find a Canada Working Holiday. One definite avenue is to visit this web site:  By using Working Holiday Pty Ltd website, you will find an easy and straight forward way of getting a working holiday in Canada. Much of the hard work will be taken out of the process of getting a Canada Working Holiday Visa. Working Holiday Pty Ltd, Australia have a lot of experience and expertise in facilitating one of the best Canadian Working Holiday Experience. The process starts by filling out a simple on line form.

There are two packages available:  Adventure  and Super.

Both Adventure and Super require the following:

  • Must be between 18 and 30. (18-35 for some countries).
  • Have an Australian passport. (or Passport holder of working holiday eligible country).
  • No criminal proceedings/convictions in the past 10 years.
  • Not been to Canada before on a working holiday (or before 2015).

If you meet the above criteria and have enough funds to take care of your initial expenses, then you will be eligible for a Canadian Working Holiday.

Canada Working Holiday Packages


AUD $499 (Including GST)
  • What you get

  • Personal Account Manager
  • 2 Year Canadian Work Visa
  • Flight Booking Assistance
  • Insurance Assistance
  • Bank Account Assistance
  • Tax Number Assistance (SIN)
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AUD $799 (Including GST)
  • What you get

  • Personal Account Manager
  • 2 Year Canadian Work Visa
  • Flight Booking Assistance
  • Insurance Assistance
  • Bank Account Assistance
  • Tax Number Assistance(SIN)
  • Job Placement
  • Airport Transfers
  • Accommodation Assistance
  • Tax Refund Assistance
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The Adventure Package equals AUD$499. This includes GST (Goods and Services Tax).The Super Package equals AUD$799 including GST.

International requirements for getting a Canada Working Holiday Visa

To guide you through this process, it is important to note that this visa is called either the Canada Working Holiday Visa or International Experience Canada, IEC visa.

To look now specifically at the Canada Working Holiday Visa 2017, for those planning for next year: (Note: International requirements may vary slightly from the Australian examples shown above.)

Working holiday visa Canada age limit:  The age limit is between 18 and 35.

Duration: This will enable you to work in Canada for either 12 or 24 months.

Eligible Countries: There is a full list given below on our web site. These countries have bilateral agreements and arrangements with Canada.

Passport: This must be a valid and current passport. There must be a bilateral arrangement or agreement between Canada and the country of origin of the applicant.

Health insurance is mandatory for the full duration of the visit.  This must also include the full cost of a possible repatriation. Please note, that all these medical costs may not be covered by your Canadian employer. It will be necessary to find an outside company to help you with this.

Character checks may also be required.  In the case of the Irish Republic and the United Kingdom this would mean police certificates (Garda certificates Ireland).

Support Money: There is a need to show CAD2500$ for the stay which includes estimated expenses for the first 3 months. You need to show this money at the port of entry along with enough funds for a return air ticket.

Eligible Countries

These are countries that have bi lateral arrangements with Canada.   Our website gives the current list of countries which are eligible for a Canadian Working Holiday Visa:

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Ukraine, United Kingdom.

Notice: in the UK and Germany demand for placements was greater than the supply quota in 2016. 

Therefore, forward planning will be needed especially in these two countries.

For more general help and information on getting a Canada working holiday there is an IEC Canada forum that can be found on Facebook. This is where you can share your experiences and benefit by reading others to.


Application Process: Canadian working holiday.
Some Important Points:

Writing a Resume

It is important when approaching this task of obtaining a Canada working holidays, is to be professional.

This will mean writing a resume (CV) to your potential Canadian employer in the correct format.

Canadian resumes tend to be two pages long. For school leavers, this can be one page. Do not make the resume any longer.

Make the resume individual. Do not use a “stock “approach. If your employment changes, change the resume. Add a few details about each job or education experiences on the resume.

Once you have typed it up, check and check the resume again for any potential mistakes.

The Process Signing Up: Canada Working Holiday Sign Up


This is when the Canada working holiday sign up starts.  Theworking holiday visa Canada 2017 opened on the 17th October 2016. This applies to nearly all the countries who are part of the scheme. Potential candidates can start writing a profile from Toronto time 10 am.There are set quotas for each individual country. So, there are a set number of places which will be available for each country. The number of quota places available will be the same as IEC Canada 2016.   Changes that were introduced in 2016 will also be retained. The selection process is random on first come first serve basis.

In other words, a candidate who is eligible, cansubmit a form to the “pool” starting the 17thof October2016, but this will mean waiting for thego ahead to complete the form.

The precise number of quotas from each country (excluding Australia) has not yet been announced.

It is expected that once the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC now CIC) receives an application form it will take 8 weeks to process.

POE Letter

The IRCC, (Immigration. Refugees, and Citizens Canada), basically Canadian Immigration will send the successful job candidate a POE letter. This must be shown to the authorities when entering Canada.


Australian Connection: Canadian working holiday visa for Australian holiday workers

It is important to note the following. In this case the age range is 18 to 30.  You will need CAN$2,500 to cover costs, a valid health insurance. Have a valid Australian passport, and be an Australian Citizen. Also, have a return airplane ticket or able to show the means to buy it.

What specific areas of employment might be available?

The first starting point would be the “job bank” which can be found on the official Canadian website:

Here a potential job can be typed in to see if it is available or let us find the most suitable for you.

Working Holiday Canada Job

There are a number of varied jobs available for youngsters in Canada. These are mostly connected to the catering and holiday industries in the snowy Rocky Mountains on Canada’s west coast. This is just an example of the range of work available in this particular sector.

This lists some of the jobs available. Please notice there is quite a range. Some posts require a set of basic skills, where as other jobs need very high skills, training and experience. This is an example of therange of work availablein this area:

1). Parking attendant  2).  Barista  3). Hotel Maintenance Worker  4). Lead Cook  5). Sous Chef  6). Warehouse Jobs 7). Construction Jobs  8). Restaurant Jobs  9). Resort Jobs


Another strong area that could be looked at is engineering and construction. This could include candidates who have studied civil engineering and engineering in general. But there could be an opening for people with trade skills.

Specific Australian Requirements

When looking at this particular option and working visa for Australian holiday workers, that the criteria is the same as that stated above however:

Australian and New Zealand holiday workers are only allowed a one two year working holiday visa.

Dependents cannot be included in a working holiday. This means a spouse; common law partner and/or children mustapply for their individual application.



Before finishing, it seems that departments can travel to Canada, providing they have no criminal record, that immigration officers are satisfied with this application, and they have the relevant temporary travel visa.
Hopefully this information will be helpful for young people wanting to get a working holiday visa.



Make sure all the information is understood and is acted upon when making the decision to visit Canada. This could wellbe an exciting experience in itself but also a real plus when it comes to looking for any future employment back home or furthering a career.


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Randeep singh
23:45 12 Feb 17
The best thing I have experienced that Neo is always approachable. They are very professional smart and easy going people. Would highly recommend. Working holiday is the best visa solution. Thanks for all your help guys.
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Meg Wilson
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Extremely grateful to Neo for all of his support. Neo quickly responded to any queries I had and overall made the whole process of applying for a visa stress free, simple & easy. Thank you for all the help and would highly recommend!!
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Neo was extremely helpful and was always calling and helping with any information he could. Would highly recommend!
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